What Makes an Online Casino Legit?

With so many online casinos in the casino industry, you may sometimes wonder how to differentiate between a legit casino and a scam. After all, you’ll be putting your details and money on the line when playing on online casinos. In this article, we’ll discuss how to spot a trustworthy online casino and enjoy a safe gaming experience. You can click here for a list of legitimate casinos.

Is Your Casino Licensed?

This is the first question that should pop into your mind when you see any online casino. Legitimate online casinos obtain a license from top licensing bodies. The license indicates that the casino has been permitted and is legal to operate. Some of the top and strictest licensing bodies in the casino industry are the UKGC, MGA and Spelinspektionen. You read about these licensing bodies on http://www.amazingpain-less.com/

  • Check if the casino is licensed.
  • Licensing bodies ensure that casinos provide the best services to players.

Casino licensing bodies ensure that a casino abides by all the stated rules and regulations of operations. They also make sure that the casino maintains a high level of fairness and its activities are transparent to players. If a licensed online casino fails to deliver the quality of service promised to its customers, the license of such casino can be revoked.


Ensuring Fairness in Games

A trustworthy casino goes to great lengths to ensure that its games are fair to all players. Most online casino games use a Random Number Generator to randomize the outcome of the games so that every player will stand an equal chance of winning. A legitimate casino employs third-party audit companies to check the games to see if they have not tampered with them.

Some of the top audit companies used are GLI, iTech Labs and eCogra. Legit casinos provide the result of the audits on their website for everyone to see. Additionally, they perform penetration testing on the website to ensure that players money and details are safe at all times. You can check for a badge on your casino website to know if they trusted by a casino audit firm.

Privacy Policies Matter

The privacy policy of any online casino tells you how the casino intends to use the information they collected from you. Are they planning to sell your information such as name, phone number or email? When you read a casino privacy policy, you can decide whether you will be comfortable with what they intend to use your information for or not.

  • Privacy policies specifies how a casino will use your information.
  • A legitimate casino does not hide bogus information in its policies.

If you sign up and agree to the terms without going through the privacy policy, you won’t be able to take any legal action against a casino that sells your information. Legitimate casinos write their privacy policies in a clear way for readers to understand. Additionally, they don't hide bogus information in their policies. You can find the privacy policy at the footer of many online casino websites.

Casino Terms and Conditions

Like privacy policies, every online casino also has its terms and conditions. The T&C explains how they operate and the rules that players need to follow. These terms can include rules to follow when depositing, withdrawing, and claiming bonuses. You should read the T&C carefully to understand every aspect of it. If possible, we suggest that you take screenshots of it for future reference.

Although online casinos can modify their T&C, they will inform you before doing so. You should check the terms when updated to know what is included or removed. Legit online casinos also ensure that their T&C is easy to understand. They also do not trick players with their terms. A casinos terms and conditions page can usually be accessed at the footer of its website.

  • The terms and conditions of an online casino specifies how it operates.
  • Always read your casino T&C when updated and try to keep screenshots.

Safeguard Yourself: Read Reviews

In this article, we’ve gone over the essential things that determine if an online casino is legit. While these points are useful, it does not necessarily mean that a casino cannot harm you. Thus, you should read reviews about a casino before joining it. This will give you an insight into its operations and help you know if the casino has a good or bad reputation.

You can also join a casino online casino community forum to learn what other players experience from a casino they joined. This way, you will have first-hand information if your casino starts becoming unfair or insecure, and you can act accordingly. Additionally, always remember that legitimate casino support responsible gambling and will provide you with tools which you can use to gamble responsibly.